I found your blog through the doc hammer tag, and I need more of your "doc hammer says things" tagged stuff, even though I don't follow you, I check in often. And tumblr just told me "that search was weird and we didn't really get it" but you get it. It's your tag. And I appreciate it. Ksorrybye


On today’s super duper triple overdue episode of “Doc Hammer Says Things About Stuff” Doc offers up excuses while I use the super infective method of hiding behind him to escape having to do things. To escape having do things I enjoy. Because I am insane.

One of the main reasons I love Doc Hammer is that, to quote the man himself; “I am at war with the inclination to just knock it off and spend the day in the corner”. I am kinda losing that war. I really meant to be on top of this stuff. Doc on the other hand, is totally rocking the whole getting out of bed in the morning thing. There’s even an urban legend floating around Facebook that he might have gone back to painting recently. The man is an inspiration. An inspiration to me and to all the other people in this world who could totally turn their lives around if they would just drank their own weight coffee every day and sleep less that 4 hours a night.

Also! Confirmation that the fridge-mail incident was not a one time occurrence!