so i was looking through caps and i just noticed that the toothbrush sam uses in mystery spot:


is purple, as is the one he uses in jump the shark:


that’s a whole year difference not to mention the mystery spot cap was in an alternate timeline. and now i can’t get it out of my head; the image of sam picking a purple toothbrush each time because these are the cheap, plastic ones you buy when you’re traveling and you forgot yours at home except sam and dean are traveling all the time so i’m sure they go through a bunch of them.

and each time sam chooses purple like maybe that’s his favorite color and when he was little he’d be a little embarrassed and dean would tease him a bit and call him a girl and sam would blush and stubbornly pick out the same brush every time

and maybe he picks out other things in purple too like his boxers or his dumb socks or his other possessions.

basically sam winchester is a purple loving cutie pie and there’s nothing you can do about it.


that’s a cute headcanon, but mine was always a little more painful.

those pink/purple cheap toothbrushes often come in, like, two packs…usually with a more “boyish” color…like blue


so basically sam and dean buy the two-pack of toothbrushes, like a goddamned couple. but whatever, it makes sense, it’s usually cheaper, especially if you need both toothbrushes at the same time.

except in mystery spot…


…sam is using the purple toothbrush months after dean has died.

which means that, just like with the food, sam keeps buying the two-pack of toothbrushes, even though his brother isn’t there to use the second one.

because buying a single toothbrush would mean admitting that dean was never coming back.










That sounds cool. BUT HOW DOES IT WORK?

(Helicarrier Hulk wakes up, no control, attacks everyone. New York Hulk is good guy buddy only hurt bad guy. Wait! OK! Loki was harshing the vibe on the helicarrier. No, wait further, Loki was just as there in New York. In fact, quite close to Mr. Grabby Hulk.)

I am continually drawn to this dumb film by the interaction between Downey and Ruffalo. I am continually put off by this dumb film by how dumb it is.

Wow, look at this! It’s 2014, and people are still saying things like this! Amazing!!! :D Here, let me explain to you why, and how:

First of all, why do people keep forgetting that The Incredible Hulk happened?? In that film it was shown that Bruce can actually control the Hulk when he deliberately hulks out.

Please notice that Bruce hulked out on the helicarrier because something blew up and he was thrown so hard he fell one floor down through the window. It was obvious that Bruce was hurt and in danger.

Hulk exists to protect Bruce, Bruce was in danger, you do the math.

Not to mention that Bruce was understandably angry at Natasha and Fury because he felt like they’d lied to him. (Therefore, causing Hulk to went after Natasha).

Manhattan Hulk showed up because Bruce ‘asked’ him to. Because he fucking did it on purpose. The Hulk is the physical manifestation of Bruce’s emotions — all his anger, frustration, empathy, sadness, disappointment, sympathy, love, hate, everything. That’s why Hulk knew which are the bad ones and which are the good ones, that’s why he saved Tony from falling off the sky, that’s why he listened to Steve’s orders. Hulk isn’t just some mindless beast who has no feelings whatsoever. He recognised and saved Betty in the midst of his rampage in TIH, looked hesitant when he saw the fear in Natasha’s eyes (it was brief but it was there), punched Thor as a payback, etc. Hulk is not that simple.

Bottom line is, that Bruce can control the Hulk to some degree when he has the option or actually gets to choose, and that’s not what happened on the helicarrier.

So, yea, that’s how.

In this post the uneducated are taught that The Hulk isn’t a mindless monster born simply out of rage.

Anybody gonna mention that our lowdown was given to us DIRECTLY FROM MR. BRUCE HIMSELF?!

Took me until that last comment to realize it is actually Mark Ruffalo, the actor who planed Bruce Banner, who left that incredibly informative comment. Much respect, sir!

This is my favorite.

reblogging this for not only Mark Ruffalo, but also for the amazing, insightful comment i was going to reblog it for before i knew he had made it.

I yelled “OH FUCK” and scared my husband when I realized it was Mark replying.



You sorry sons of bitches. Why do you think you two are the vessels? Think about it. Michael, the big brother, loyal to an absent father, and Lucifer, the little brother, rebellious of Daddy’s plan. You were born to this, boys. It’s your destiny! It was always you! As it is in heaven, so it must be on earth. One brother has to kill the other. […] Why do you think I’ve always taken such an interest in you? Because from the moment Dad flipped on the lights around here, we knew it was all gonna end with you. Always.” ~Gabriel

"It’s a bloodline. Stretching back to Cain and Abel. It’s in your blood, your father’s blood, your family’s blood."  ~Michael

"DEAN: Why does heaven care if Harry meets Sally?
 CUPID: Oh, mostly they don’t. You know, certain bloodlines, certain destinies. Oh, like yours. […] Yeah, the union of John and Mary Winchester—Very big deal upstairs, top priority arrangement. Mm.
DEAN: Are you saying that you fixed-up our parents?
CUPID: Well, not me, but… Yeah. Well, it wasn’t easy, either. Ooh, they couldn’t stand each other at first. But when we were done with them—Perfect couple. […]
DEAN: They’re dead!
CUPID: I’m sorry, but… the orders were very clear. You and Sam needed to be born. Your parents were just, uh…meant to be. A match made in heaven- heaven!”

I think it safe to say that blaming Sam for the pre apocalypse events is a bit rich. This family never had a chance. Mary never had a chance, Sam was going to get infected with demon blood no matter what and Demon!Dean knows it. He’s just being cruel… as demons generally are.


Adventures In Pretenting To Be Normal

Episode 11: Mostly whining.

1) The past few days have been kind of stressful for a lot of reasons. Each individual one small and manageable on it’s own, but seeming insurmountable when tossed onto the already precarious pile of crap that is my life. Today I delt with my issues not by facing them, nor by actively trying to find any solution to them, but rather by riding around in my roommate’s car for like an hour, and repeatedly encouraging her to resort to physical violence to solve her own problems. It didn’t work. Which is a shame. She really deserves to punch people.

2) The Nephew got a Nintendo DS for his birthday. Since it’s been charged up, he hasn’t moved… at all. I go in there and check every now and then to make sure his chest is still rising and falling, and his thumbs are still tapping away, and he seems fine, like no clear signs of malnourishment or anything but.. yeah The house is completely silent save for the faint electronic blips of the Super Mario theme music. It’s eerie.
50some years from now, I fully expect the Super Mario theme to be the music that plays as I die.

3) I spent like fifteen minutes the yesterday being berated by my sister and my roommate over the fact that I have ‘perfect’ eyebrows. See eyebrows are crazy important. I’m fat, and I’m ugly, and the circles under my eyes are so dark it looks like someone beat me.. but my perfect eyebrows totally make up for that. I walk down the street and guys get whiplash turning their heads to check out my perfectly sculpted eyebrows. Some day i will become an eyebrow model. I will be rich, and famous. I will party with rock stars, and marry a millionaire. I’ll have to get my twitter account verified. Because eyebrows, people, eyebrows.


The one on the left is Moose. He’s a little shit. He got fixed a last week, and for about a day while he was still loopy after surgery, he was the sweetest little idiot. And I was kinda sad, because I couldn’t call him Moosifer anymore if he wasn’t going to be evil. Now though he’s fine and back to being his regular satanikitty self, and I’m way too happy about it.